Excerpt from: “The Bitter and the Sweet of Twitter and the Tweet” [T-Bat-So-TatT]



In our generation, we have seen Twitter become a phenomenon. But what was behind it? And why the sudden interest in minutia?


I have an idea of what lay behind it. Let me say, right at the get-go that I’m not a historian. Yet, I’ll be talking history for just a moment like I’m an expert, and I’ll be leaving myself open to your censure. At 78, I’ve lived long enough to have experienced my tenure of “history” on my own gut level. Continue reading “Excerpt from: “The Bitter and the Sweet of Twitter and the Tweet” [T-Bat-So-TatT]”


LOVE, WISDOM, EMOTION (distilled to 140 Characters)

Social networkers who know me might get the inkling that I am a fan of Twitter.  Social Networkers who know me well,Twitter Love will tell you if they stick a pin in me would (after they listen to my obscenities), expect I’d bleed in short spurts of 140 characters.

That is to say, Twitter is in my blood!

My wife would tell you what my good friends and my very tactful new acquaintances, away from the internet, won’t.  And that is this: when I’m left to my own devises, and have no outside restrictions imposed on me, I can talk a subject to death while trying to get to the meat of it.  It’s just the crazy way those zany electrical conduits race on their circuitous route from my brain to my mouth.  I don’t control them, so I disavow any responsibility over uprooted signs, overturned food carts, or crossing guards resigned to shaking their staffs, along their way.

But, put me on Twitter and my brain becomes a master of brevity—which is not the same thing as being the master of intelligent brevity. Continue reading “LOVE, WISDOM, EMOTION (distilled to 140 Characters)”