My Twitter account identifies me as “a writer, a salesman, an optimist, a dreamer;” and goes on to say, “may the four always cohabit and produce wondrous progeny.” Each of the first two identifies a blood-and-bone human being in the real world who works very hard at being honest and caring—but, alas! who is still evolving in these areas. The last two (“optimist” and “dreamer”) are foundational qualities in my life that keep a fire crackling under me, and hopefully fuel the writer and the salesman, both of whose hats I wear.

I’ll bet I caught you thinking, “Leave these words to the young man. You’re a septuagenarian: go turn on the TV, read a book, nap.”

Unless it’s to recharge my battery, you won’t find me doing much of the first or third activity. Books? No, books I read aplenty. That’s what helps keep me an optimist and a dreamer. It fuels my writing, and writing fuels my longevity.

Sandwiched somewhere between writing and selling, (I sold insurance for about 40 years,) I attended college and even tried my hand at selling high school kids on why they should love learning and reading and writing. That was a brief stint. Whether teaching failed me or I it, I don’t know. But experientially, it is a part of me.

So, there you have a thumbnail sketch and, hopefully, a pointer toward the direction I want this blog to go. If you take one thing away from this sketch, I hope it’s this: Der Blogmeister is old as dirt! He’s old, BUT he’s got an energy you wouldn’t believe … He’s dedicated! He’s focused! He’s gulped down the last of his second wind … and he’s well into his third.

There might be a thing or two you can learn from him.

He certainly hopes he can take away something from you.

Join him on this journey, won’t you?