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Window man

I saw

        enough to grieve

 his fall;

        then drew the blinds,

             latched the door

         and proved it is I

 who fell.



My Twitter account identifies me as “a writer, a salesman, an optimist, a dreamer,” and adds: “may the four always cohabit and produce wondrous progeny.” Each of the first two identifies a blood-and-bone human being, living in the real world who works very hard at being honest and caring—but, who is still evolving in these areas. The last two (“optimist” and “dreamer”) are foundational qualities in my life. They keep a fire crackling under me that hopefully fuels the writer … and also the salesman, whose hat each of us is hard-wired to wear. Sandwiched somewhere between writing and selling, I attended college and even tried my hand at selling high school kids on why they should love learning and reading and writing. That was a brief stint. Whether teaching failed me or I it, I don’t know. You’d have to ask the kids—though many might be doddering by now, and some dead. Still, experientially, it is a part of me. I am married, living with my dog, Sirius, in Bakersfield, California, and separately from my wife.


  1. Hi Jay: I like your poem. You draw us in and then twist it with you being the one
    who fell. CLEVER! I’m in my daughter’s tree house bedroom studying character
    tips on “Future Learn” site. It is raining in Minnesota. This means that the farmers
    can’t harvest their soybeans and I am not walking my dogs. I am trying to become
    a better writer and I appreciate your writing, Jay. Enjoy! nancy

  2. You prove again your love affair with Twitter is for real, squeezing out all the pith! Love it! (Sent this before but don’t think it went through.) NOTE: did I go over 140 characters? NOT INClUDING THE NOTE!!!

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